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As a spiritual director, I am motivated to support you in your daily life through a presence of deep love and an emphasis on helping you be in touch with your inner wisdom, the sacred within.  I work with people on central issues of meaning and purpose in their lives - marriage and parenting, work and money, grief and loss, transition, stress, conflict, etc.  I can also support you as you address issues of past hurts, including religious wounding, issues of identity, vocation, and life purpose, guilt and forgiveness, “dark nights of the soul”, and the simple desire to grow spiritually.*

I ultimately believe that healing comes to us when we live our lives in connection with and dedication to the sacred - whatever name we call it.  In doing so, we transcend the isolation and fear of our ego, and move into a state of connection with all that is.  It is this gradual expansion of our sense of self that breaks us free of the day-to-day suffering that plagues our lives.  We grow into joy, freedom and love.

I can meet with you at my home office if you live in the Bloomington area or by phone.  You’re welcome to contact me regarding questions, availability and fees.

*As a spiritual director, my emphasis is on health and the drive to grow.  For concerns related to mental illness, I can recommend to you several licensed psychotherapists.

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